Field Closures and Navigating the website on the phone

For those, like me, that are not on Social Media, the website has a plugin that lets you scroll and get the highlights of Facebook posts. For desktop users this is readily apparent on the right pane.

For mobile users you need to scroll down past the posts and you will see the Facebook feed. Most of the Field Closures are quickly posted on Facebook. That’s to prevent the main website being choked up with lots of Wet Field notices.

Last Second Juniors, Seniors & Masters Registrations

The Club Registrar has taken some personal leave time to be at the club:

Today, Thursday (7th) afternoon from 3:30pm to late
All day Tomorrow, Friday (8th) until 4:30pm.

If you are having trouble with the Squadi App and cannot complete the registration process, please help out the poor coaches and come down to the fields to make a registration payment and collect your players gear.

The only way to get gear and registered in time to play this weekend is to have at least some fees paid.

If you have yet to register, and have yet to attempt the Squadi registration please follow the steps here and get a payment down. Then come to the club with the app to show your successful registration.

If you are having issues with registration, have the following collected before making a journey to the club.

  • Fair Play Voucher email if you are eligible and have successfully received a 2024 Voucher.
  • The means to make a payment for fees. I have an eftpos machine here. I can take partial minimum payment of $150.
  • Players’ shirt, shorts and shoe sizes for gear collection.

No fees, no gear, no game this weekend. I cannot be any clearer.

Go Stormers for 2024!

Masters and Legends Registration Open 1st Feb 2024

Attention all Friday night Masters and Wednesday night Legends!

Squadi Registrations open February 1st.

We have three Masters Over 35s teams of various skillsets and mindsets. We’ll find you a spot.

Masters Training starts February 5th after 7pm at Atthows Park field 2.

Just follow the groans of grown men stretching ligaments they haven’t used since last season (or their junior playing days). Feel free to drop in to training if you have any other questions before signing up.

Legends Ladies (Over 30s) have the one team, but are always looking for a steady crew to get their game faces on. Any queries about the Legends team please send us a message and we’ll get back to you.

Register Here

2024 Step 3: Squadi Registration

Using the app or a computer either log into squadi with your existing account or create a new account.

There is no need to register on!

Squadi is meant to be a single point for registration and team management in 2024.

Did you or your child play last year?

There is a very good chance that your email and profile is already in Squadi from the 2023 season and all you need to do is claim your profile. So either in the Squadi App or 📌Online:

  1. Enter in your email
  2. Click Forgot Password
  3. Nominate which device you want to receive the new password prompt (email safest, SMS optional)
  4. Enter in your new password so you can log in with the app.

Be aware of the following if you are registering on behalf of a 3rd party.

Follow all the steps and find the competition you wish to register yourself or your player for.

Adults can sign up to multiple packages.

The example below shows an adult player who is also a Junior team Manager.

Then onto payment.

You have the options of up front, or installments. Also if you have been provided a discount code, it can be added. The Family Discount will automatically be applied if you have registered multiple family members.