FQPL3 Squad

Our 2024 FQPL3 Squad list!

FQPL3 Team Captains

First Team – Bradeck Jasch, Under 23s – Krishi Naidu

fqpl3 Coaching Team

First Team – Head Coach – Mitchell Sutherland, Assistant Coaches – Gerry Sutherland & Benjamin Bradford.

Under 23s Team – Co-Head Coaches – Kyle Dumae & Levi Thomas

Our FQPL Squad is still looking for a Goal Keeper Coach for the remainder of the 2024 season and beyond!

FQPL Squad in their new training kits

2024 Home & Away Kits

Previous Seasons

YearDivisionPositionFinals Series
2007Metro League 511thDNQ
2008Metro League 5 (S)2ndChampions
2009Metro League 32ndSemi Final
2010Metro League 3 (B)3rdSemi Final
2011Metro League 3 (B)3rd Runners-up
2012Metro League 23rd Semi Final
2013Capital League 37thDNQ
2014Capital League 31st Preliminary Final
2015Capital League 22nd Preliminary Final
2016Capital League 111th DNQ
2017Capital League 21st Runners-up
2023FQPL34thPreliminary Final