Pre-Easter Training Wednesday and Thursdays

Hi all,

A quick summary of the social posts about training over the next couple of days.

Still on this weekNot this pre-Easter week
U6 Wednesday 29thU13s Div 1 Mixed – Back Monday 17th April
U7 Wednesday 29thU14s Div 3 Mixed – Back Monday 17th April
U8 Wednesday 29thU16s Mixed – Back Thursday 6th April
U14 Girls Div 3 Wednesday the 29thU15s Mixed – Back Tuesday 18th April
U13 Girls Div 2 Wednesday the 29th
U13 Div 3 Boys Wednesday the 29th
U9s Thursday 30th
U10s Thursday 30th
U11s Thursday 30th
U12s Thursday 30th
Puddles (2 to 5yrs) Thursday the 30th
We hope to see you all down there. 

Masters O35s Training Night Monday the 9th January

Inter-club discussions have already started organising Friendlies and Trial games so it’s time to break in the new boots you bought on sale at the end of last year or shake the mould off the old faithfuls.

The mowing committee is working hard to get our Field 2 ready for hardened Friday-night warriors to return to the hallowed turf on Monday night (9th of January) around 7pm.

Newcomers and Returnees who have the playing itch for 2023, please rock up and introduce yourself to the bloke sitting near the club house canteen with his computer set up. Jamie the Registrar will sort you out.