Last Second Juniors, Seniors & Masters Registrations

The Club Registrar has taken some personal leave time to be at the club:

Today, Thursday (7th) afternoon from 3:30pm to late
All day Tomorrow, Friday (8th) until 4:30pm.

If you are having trouble with the Squadi App and cannot complete the registration process, please help out the poor coaches and come down to the fields to make a registration payment and collect your players gear.

The only way to get gear and registered in time to play this weekend is to have at least some fees paid.

If you have yet to register, and have yet to attempt the Squadi registration please follow the steps here and get a payment down. Then come to the club with the app to show your successful registration.

If you are having issues with registration, have the following collected before making a journey to the club.

  • Fair Play Voucher email if you are eligible and have successfully received a 2024 Voucher.
  • The means to make a payment for fees. I have an eftpos machine here. I can take partial minimum payment of $150.
  • Players’ shirt, shorts and shoe sizes for gear collection.

No fees, no gear, no game this weekend. I cannot be any clearer.

Go Stormers for 2024!