Club Message about the floods

MAYHEM, HARDSHIP, PERSONAL TRAGEDIES, HUGE FINANCIAL LOSSES are just some of the hundreds of words and terms encapsulating life in Queensland at the moment.

What is unfolding right now may well be worse than in 2011 when many Queenslanders and those in other states suffered financial and personal losses of huge magnitude.

It affects us right across the board, including our personal wellbeing, businesses, social and sporting organizations and further delaying our return to ‘normal’.

Our local politicians are active, in shocking conditions, to coordinate rescue and recovery efforts and making our local residents and business people aware of where to procure sandbags (38 Shamrock St, Darra), evacuation centre (Riverlife Baptist Church) and posting continuous updates on their social platforms.

Well done, Jess, Sarah and Milton, we are incredibly grateful for the incredible job you are doing.

Whilst earlier today our ‘Tornado Alley at Atthows Park’ complex was fine, many other clubs haven’t fared that well like Wynnum Wolves, Toowong, Eastern suburbs and Brisbane City and considering the location of many sports facilities there are likely to be lots more.

Since recovery from this extraordinary weather event will take some time, Football Queensland has already announced that all fixtures from today until 6 March have been postponed.

For residents of the Centenary and surrounding suburbs there is a real sense of déjà vu based on their experiences in 2011 and 1999.

Low lying areas are becoming inundated, and we feel for the members and committees of clubs and organisations like Jindalee Bowls, Centenary RSL, Meals on Wheels to name a few and the many small businesses that are starting to cop the brunt of these shocking conditions.

It is highly likely that when the damage and havoc is assessed we’ll see the re-birth of the Mud Army and we urge anyone, who is willing and able, to accept the challenge to help our fellow residents, organisations and local businesspeople.

Our club mantra is ‘Play Local and Buy Local’ and we’d like to add ‘Support our Local Community’.

We will try to keep you in the loop and feel free, especially members of the Centenary Stormers Football Family, to reach out for our support if you need it.

Take care and stay safe and ‘if it’s flooded, don’t cross it’.

Simon Boegheim, Club Secretary.