Women’s Legends League Cup a success




[Images courtesy of Old Womens Football]

Womens Legends football is making a statement both on and off the field in Brisbane.

The determinations of a few key players has seen the eight team league gain momentum and launch their own preseason cup.

Aimed at enjoying football while raising funds for charity, the inaugural Legends League Cup saw over $1,500 was raised to support the ‘One Punch Can Kill Australia’ campaign last month.

Local Womens Legend advocate Vicki Stagg was one of the driving forces behind making the tournament a reality.

“I was talking to Andrea from Centenary Stormers and she suggested we should start a legends league cup each year and that can be our preseason thing and our promotion,” explained Stagg.

“We wanted to turn it into a fundraiser so when Andrea said she had been talking to some people from one punch kills we thought it would be brilliant to include them.”

Focusing on enjoying playing the game with friends and family, the Legends League in Brisbane is a great example of Football Legends proving that age should not be a barrier to playing football.

Womens Football Body

“The whole thing is everyone plays and if someone gets hurt we all stop. It’s really played in good sportsmanship.

“That’s the real reason that I pushed this league, we’re too old to get hammered by teenagers each week,” said Stagg.

“There was a $200 fee for a team being permitted for One Punch Kills and with that every player got a hamburger and a drink.

‘It’s only 20 mins each way so it’s great that everyone can sit down and meet everyone else. It’s not like full on football, it’s everyone coming together.”

The good spirited nature of the competition was highlighted in the final, where both Redlands United and Slacks Creek shared the spoils.

“It was one all in the end and they decided that they would both share the cup.”

The Legends League Cup will continue in 2017 with a couple of clubs in the mix to host.

To find out how you can be apart of Women’s Legends visit www.footballbrisbane.com.au