A Story That Deserves To Be Told!!!!

A letter from Craig Passmore, coach of the Pine Hills U16D3 team.
Dated 17 August 2020.



I am coach of the Pine Hills U16D3 team, which played Centenary today.

Just wanted to touch base to congratulate Centenary Stormers on putting together such a wonderful bunch of kids. While we lost the game, we had a ball watching the spirit and fun in which this bunch of players play with, as well as their mates close to the coaches box. Furthermore, the skill level of these kids is incredible and the spirit they play the game was great to see. 

At times our game was a little rougher than we would expect, but on each occasion where a player from our team went down the offending player would apologise and make sure our player was OK. I even overheard a player touch base with one of ours after the game.

My understanding is a lot of these kids have not played club football before, if this is correct I would love to follow this story. It is scary to try and get my mind around how well they will be at back end of the season learning from the coach you guys have.

Good luck for the rest of the season, we really are excited about the story of these kids and wish Centenary U16D3 all the best.

We also had one of the Centenary Stormers club officials address our team after the game. For someone to take the time and effort to do this is really appreciated and says a lot about your club members.

Craig Passmore


Centenary Stormers obviously is very proud to have received this email and we thank Craig Passmore for his sentiments.

As suggested in our response to Craig, it takes two to tango and his team would have played the match with a similar attitude and spirit for this to happen and we congratulated Pine Hills U16/3 for that.